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Media Appearance Alert

Just a heads up that if you tune in to 95.5 The Game next Wednesday morning during the 8:00 hour you will hear Casey Holdahl and myself join Gavin Dawson for an entire hour of his morning radio show.  We do the podcast together every week for, of course, but this is the first time we'll be together in the same studio.  I wouldn't be surprised if part of the plan is to take calls during that hour, so warm up your questions and/or e-mail them to Gavin

Although I've been on the radio more times than I can count by now I have still not been inside a studio on-air, which is something I've wondered about since I was a kid listening to old-time radio shows and a teenager listening to guys like Steve "Dream" Weaver, Mike Parker, and Mychal Thompson on the original "The Fan".  In other words, this will be kind of cool.  And if there are any bright, adventurous television producers connected to Comcast out there, be sure and listen.  Should you feel like creating a funny, informative, fast-paced, knowledgeable, quirky, viral, and locked in-tune with Portland half-hour weekly show about the Blazers I know three guys who would fit that bill exactly. 

As we all know, Casey = Ratings.

--Dave (