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Overkill Practice Breakdown: You Pick The Player

Tomorrow, there is a practice. We are going to try a new feature. Like any new feature, this could be really cool or it could fail miserably.  Go with it.

Here's how it will work: you nominate a player (he must be healthy/active/practicing), I will write as many words as it takes to describe his practice in as much detail as possible.

Place your vote in the comments. There are a lot of open story lines right now (15th spot, backup point guard battle, Blake coming back, etc.) so be sure to choose wisely and explain your choice so that you can convince others.




UPDATE 2: Wow.  Simply awesome response! Batum was the runaway winner, with Frye in second and Sergio in third.  So Batum it is.  Check back this afternoon.


-- Ben (