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Brandon Roy Shut the House Down

I just got back from the Clash of the Classes high school showcase.  Much larger than (I) anticipated crowd-- a few thousand packed the Lewis and Clark gym to see the likes of Mike Moser, Abdul Gaddy and Nigel Williams-Goss.  Really well-executed show, from start to finish.

Play a game with me for a second.

Let's say you're an NBA All-Star guard.  You just played a preseason game last night 2,000 miles from home (although there is no televised evidence that this game took place, it did take place, or so my sources tell me).  You have another exhibition game tomorrow afternoon.  You're coming off 2 weeks of 2 a day training camp. It's 9 oclock on a Saturday Night.  Where are you? 

In bed?

At the club?

On the couch watching the Ducks?

If you're Brandon Roy, you're at the Lewis and Clark gym, taking pictures with a high school cheerleadering team (who are squealing), exchanging phone numbers and words of encouragements with the team of high-schoolers that made the trip down from Washington (who don't seem at all surprised to see him), and signing autographs for Blazers fans of all ages (who do seem surprised to see him).

Tomorrow afternoon, when he's once again wearing a Blazers jersey in front of television cameras and thousands of fans, remember that he spent tonight encouraging young basketball players with no fanfare. 

I'm not sure if his appearance will make the news, but it should.

-- Ben (