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Comcast Is Wrong, Volume 485,345

In between not televising last night's game, running obnoxious and insulting television commercials, still refusing to make deals with the major satellite providers, and stealing candy from little girls while at lunch recess, Comcast cleared some time in its busy schedule to fire an NBA Hall of Famer.

Bob Cousy, thanks for your lifetime of service to the Celtics organization, "logistics" simply don't allow for you to participate in broadcasting games any longer.

Cousy's reaction:

"I would have liked to have continued," Cousy said yesterday. "I'm only involved in 10 games a season, so it's not that big a deal. But I would have liked to have been allowed to keep my hand in, especially after 22 years of [Celtics] mediocrity - last year was kind of fun, frankly, and I was looking forward to doing it again. Comcast can choose to do the hiring and firing, but if it's a financial situation, I'm not being overpaid. What they pay me is what they spend monthly for office supplies."

Cousy said he was dissatisfied with how he was informed of the decision.

"I got a call from somebody I hardly knew, not even the head honcho, saying they decided to go to a two-man booth," Cousy said. "I said, 'Thank you, very much,' and hung up. When you're 80 years old, you run out of leverage."

Comcast's lame statement:

Comcast general manager and vice president Bill Bridgen decided to eliminate Cousy from the broadcast setup of Mike Gorman and Donny Marshall. Tommy Heinsohn's role will also be reduced; he'll join Gary Tanguay in the studio for road games. On-court reporter Greg Dickerson will join Gorman and Marshall.

"This is a unique situation, for a start," Bridgen said. "I like the consistency of a two-man booth, as opposed to going with a three-man booth for nine or 10 games. This is not anti-Bob Cousy or for financial reasons. It's logistics and part of that is I believe Donny is a fantastic new addition.

Flashes of Schonely being forced out in the mean, old days are rushing back.

Anyway, perhaps it's not just the NBA fan that Comcast doesn't understand.  Perhaps it's the NBA as a whole.

Tony: "Tell them what they've won!"

Michael: "Nothing.  The fans have won nothing."

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