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Travis Outlaw's Car Just Shot Me


Ezra Ace Caraeff of the Portland Mercury with a very nice scoop:

This "Jolly Rancher green" 1996 Impala is really something--although it sort of looks like the Incredible Hulk threw it up--and while I'm a little confused on why the gentle, if not downright goofy, Outlaw went with the whole airbrushed evil skull shooting the playing cards motif, I'm just jealous that this isn't on the trunk of my car.


Head over to the Mercury's blog to read about who designed it... you probably won't be surprised which other vehicles he's done.  Click here for an interesting video tour.

The skull looks like it's holding two six-shooters to me.  Perhaps this was the inspiration for Travis's 1 for 12 performance on Wednesday night?

Sort of related: If you haven't seen Greg's custom Dodge Charger, check out the guys at 503 Motoring... I've heard from a few people that 503 is THE SPOT... Maybe some of you can confirm that?

I guess if today's market crash has you homeless and thinking about living in your car, maybe head over to 503 and have them put in a custom sleeping bag and pillow embroidered with your initials in the backseat. Sure beats a mortgage!

That's all I've got in whip-related news, although right now I am thinking about buying a pair of those rollerskate shoes and putting rims on them.  If and when that happens, I'll go ahead and post some pictures.

UPDATE: This just in: Ezra is now reporting that, "in other car news, Luke Jackson got his learner's permit and now can drive his mom's AstroVan to practice." Cold.

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