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Oden Update from Practice

Ben sends word that Greg Oden did not practice last night or today, but he is present at the facility.  Perhaps they're being cautious with him.  Wouldn't blame them a bit.

--Dave (

UPDATE: Oden' s body language during practice was not good and he sat on a bench by himself while the team ran full-court 5 on 5. Sergio came over at one point for a high five.  One of the Blazers staff members stood near him for most of the open portion of practice. He was doubled-over at times, leaning forward, with a towel over his shoulders. Oden shot some free throws with Coach Lucas after practice was over and was still walking with a noticeable limp.  After practice, Nate said there was no swelling on the ankle and maintains it's not a big deal. 

--- Ben