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FEBRUARY Jersey Contest: Game 1 Form

The January Jersey Contest is over but the February Jersey Contest begins now.  Everybody has a clean slate...same rules as always.

For those new to the contest you can find the rules in the right sidebar links.

Just copy and paste the form below into the comments section of this post and fill it in to enter.

To kick things off we're going to turn it up to 11, offering an EXTRA 10-point question making this game worth a possible 110 points instead of the normal 100!

Game 1 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Knicks
Question 1:  Who scores more, ZACH RANDOLPH or LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE?
Question 2:  Will the Knicks shoot OVER or UNDER 33.5% from THREE-POINT LAND?
Question 3:  Who is the leading scorer in the game (either team)?
Question 4:  Does anybody from either team pick up a technical foul other than Defensive Three Seconds, YES or NO?
Question 5:  Who commits the last Blazer foul of the game?

Good luck to everyone in the new month!

--Dave (