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Diaries 101

After yesterday's Blog Promotion post I figured we could use a quick refesher course on diaries.

The diaries are your expression of fandom and the Blazersedge community.  You are free to post anything that comes to your mind that you think is relevant.  I only ask that you follow the general conversation guidelines of the site while posting:

--No profanity or disguised profanity

--No ad hominem attacks.  Make your points without putting down other posters.

--Keep the quality of discussion up to the standard of the site and community.

--Making off-topic diaries is fine as long as you include "OT" in the title.

There's one other guideline that needs special mention though:

If there is already a diary that could conceivably cover the topic you wish to write about, comment in that diary instead of starting a new one.

There are two reasons for this.  First it keeps the conversation from fragmenting.  People don't have to make their point twice in different places to have it responded to.  Second, only a limited number of diaries appear on the front page and few people click beyond that to read.  Every time you post you're cycling someone else's diary off the page.  This is generally fine...the diaries need to be seen and then cycle through to the archives.  But we don't need eight diaries about the potential Jason Kidd trade on the front page.  That means seven people got their topic booted for no reason.

Keep these things in mind and there will be plenty of diary space (and fun) for all.

--Dave (