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Linking to Your Blog 101

It has been brought to my attention that we need some guidelines as far as promoting other blogs on Blazersedge.  I'll put this here and then link it in the sidebar so people can refer to it.

Generally I am very encouraging of links to outside sources.  Because of time constraints I don't get to scour the 'net as much as I'd like which means I don't post as many links as are needed.  Nobody should ever refrain from posting interesting links to other material that they've found.  

I am also tolerant when people want to link to their own stuff.  Everybody needs a boost up now and again.  However I do ask that you observe the following guidelines:

  1.  It's best to be an active member of this community before posting links to your own stuff elsewhere.  Cold-calling is not strictly prohibited but it's certainly not as likely to be received as well as it will be if we know you and your stuff already by what you've contributed here.
  2.  Promote only your best stuff and no more than once a week or so at most.  If people like you they'll catch on after one or two visits.  Continually posting links to your own stuff is more annoying than helpful.
  3.  Realize that comment threads are supposed to be on-topic.  Please don't post non-sequitur links in the middle of somebody else's conversation.
  4.  That goes for other people's diaries too.  It is permissible to start a diary linking to your own stuff and this is one of the better ways to do it.  However realize that only a limited number of diaries can appear on the page at once.  Every diary you post knocks somebody else's off the page.  Observe the "no more than once a week" rule.
  5.  You must be scrupulously honest about who you are and what you are doing.  Promoting your own blog by pretending you're not related to it is dishonest and patronizing.  Treat this community and its readers with respect if you want to receive some yourself.
If the diaries and comments start overflowing with self-promotion for other sites we may have to revise these rules and simply forbid self-linking.  I'd like not to do that, so please observe these guidelines.

Hope that helps everyone.

--Dave (