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January Jersey Contest: Game 9

Since so many of you only read at Blazersedge when somebody is paying you to do something else (cough!) we're putting up the Jersey Contest form for Sunday's game against Atlanta today.  That way all of you Weekday Writers don't get an unintentional "X" so close to the end of the month.

Please note this is NOT the form for tonight's game against Houston.  That form is here.

Game 9 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers  Hawks
Question 1:  Who is the leading scorer in this game (either team)?
Question 2: Who is the leading rebounder in this game (either team)?
Question 3:  Who gets the most assists in this game (either team)?
Question 4:  Who scores the first Blazer points of the second half?

Good luck to all!

--Dave (