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As I reflected on wanting to win the New Orleans game so much the other day I realized that there was a decent chance that this matchup was developing into a decent rivalry.  It seems likely to continue in the next few years as well.  Which got me thinking:  how many new rivalries are being formed in this stretch?

The traditional Blazer rivalries are two:  the L*kers and the Sonics.  Seattle has been somewhat natural because of proximity and because the two teams have had a habit of getting good at relatively the same time, the Sonics traditionally taking over where Portland leaves off.  The L*kers rivalry is a bit more one-sided.  I doubt they consider us a significant opponent anymore.  They probably haven't for years.  However if the vague comments from L.A. fans about contending for a championship in the near future hold any water that rivalry may spark again.  That there is our territory, hombres.

Whether those two continue or not (it seems more and more unlikely in the case of Seattle), there are a few more developing, aren't there?  To wit:

--The Jazz  (we are already bumping heads and we're projected to be the great teams of the future)
--The Nuggets (if it got any more physical we'd need ropes and a ring bell)
--The Hornets (I don't know why, but this has sparked this season)
--The Warriors (maybe this is just the friendly blog rivalry talking, but we have driven them crazy for a few games in Portland)

Frankly I find myself as excited about these new contests as I was about the old ones.

How about you?  Could any of these potential rivalries get your juices flowing?  Have they already?  Do you see any other ones forming now or in the near future?

--Dave (