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January Jersey Contest Game 1

Here we go again with a new Jersey Contest for January!

Entering is simple.  Just copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill it out.

--One entry per person/household
--Deadline is the top of the hour (or half-hour for :30 starts) before tip-off
--You get 30 points for predicting the winner right, 10 for each question, and up to 30 more for being close on the final score for 100 points total possible per game
--The person with the highest cumulative score at the end of the month wins a jersey.  You can also win one instantly for a perfect score on any game.  A score of 52 wins you a free t-shirt.

Have fun!

Note this form is for the CHICAGO game on Thursday.

Game 1 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Bulls  
Question 1: Who will get more defensive rebounds, BEN WALLACE or JOEL PRZYBILLA?
Question 2:  Who is the leading BENCH scorer in this game (either team)?
Question 3:  Will Lamarcus Aldridge have OVER or UNDER 3.5 personal fouls?
Question 4: Who makes the Blazers first free throw of the second half?

--Dave (