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Supporting the Site

From time to time people comment or e-mail asking how they can support the site.  There are three main ways:

  1.  Buy t-shirts.  I don't profit from the sales but they do make me feel good and advertise the site.
  2.  Buy ad space.  If you have a company or organization this is the best way to help.  Basically the ad revenue goes right back into the jersey contests so you're supporting the readers and the team as well.
  3.  This is the one most people miss...when someone advertises in the space to the left and it's not just a faceless company, click through on those ads.  You don't necessarily have to buy their stuff, but the ads' effectiveness is measured not just by how many people see it, but by how many follow it to the source.  Both ads in the left sidebar now are targeted at Blazersedge readers specifically.  It would help if you would click through a time or two as you're reading the site.  It's easy, it's free, and it does make a difference.
--Dave (