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Rode Ode

Blazersedge Poet Laureate Dr. Dave checks in with a rhyme for the road trip.  He's more than halfway through his tenure now, believe it or not!  In May we shall elect another, so everybody can sharpen their skills.

Here's Dr. Dave's tribute:

Blackbird flies
Baby cries
The Garden empty, silent
Tensions rise
Groans and sighs
Our heroes on the road went

Red-eye blues
Nap and snooze
Internal clocks go cuckoo
Fate did choose
A heartless ruse
The negatives are beaucoup

Suck it up
Drink the cup
Adversity will mold you
Another cup
Is hoisted up
When victory enfolds you

Over here
All will cheer
As Blackbird comes a-gliding
Heroes dear
Now so near
On waves of shoulders riding

Now some fun
Jump and run
Let's do this thing up hearty
Git 'er done
A six-game homestand party!

Thanks Dave!

--Dave (