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Weekend Links

Jason Quick has a fantastic write-up of Nate McMillan's approach to the season and how it is rubbing off on the team.  And I'll tell you, it's EXACTLY why I love the guy (meaning Nate).  No bragging, no anticipation...just do what the heck you're supposed to do.  If you do your job right you won't need to talk about yourself because others will talk about you plenty.  If you don't do your job right all the talking in the world is just so much hot air.  Perfect lesson.

Brian Hendrickson tells us Steve Blake is questionable for the next two games.

And as Hobobob pointed out in his diary the guys at O-Live have video of one of the classiest guys in the universe (Brandon Roy) talking with one of the most overrated schmucks in the sports world (Jim Rome).  


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