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Jersey Contest Rules

Somebody was asking for a recap of the contest rules so I'm going to do it here on the main page and then link this post in the sidebar so it can become a matter of permanent record.  If you already know the rules you can skip this post.

General Rules

--The entry address is here:

--Only one entry is allowed per person or household.

--With the exception of the end-of-the-year playoffs only one prize of any given type (jersey or bonus) may be won per person each season.

--Entries for each game must be recorded by the top of the hour (or half-hour for :30 starts) on game night.  This is firm.

--Predictions may be changed up until the entry deadline.  The last prediction entered will be considered binding.

Format and Scoring

--The general format is one line for predicting final score plus four other questions.  This may be altered for certain games.

--Each form is worth 100 points unless otherwise stated.

  Correctly predicting the winner (based on your score entry) earns 30 points.
  Each question correctly predicted earns 10 points (40 total).
  Up to 30 extra points may be earned for getting close to the actual final score.  The formula is:

30 points - ((Difference between Blazer score prediction and actual) + (Difference between opponent score prediction and actual))

Example of Formula:  You predict Blazers 100, Opponent 99.  The actual score is Blazers 110, Opponent 98.  You missed the Blazers score by 10.  You missed the Opponent score by 1.  10+1=11.  30-11=19.  You get 19 points.

Prizes and Winning

--The player with the highest cumulative score at the end of the month will win a Blazers jersey.

--In the event of a tie the player with the highest score in the final game judged will be the winner.

--Any player who registers a perfect prediction (usually a score of 100) will win a jersey instantly.

--Players may also win bonus prizes for meeting a certain score (at this point 77) in any given game.  These are awarded wholly at the discretion of the site and may be discontinued if winners exceed prize supply in a month or season.

The Playoffs

--At the end of the season all jersey winners plus others who have distinguished themselves will be invited to participate in the Jersey Contest Playoffs for a grand prize.  The format for the playoffs will be announced in the spring.

--Dave (