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The NFL season starts tonight!  WOOHOO!

I say WOOHOO about football every year not because I love the NFL so much (though I am still rooting mightily for my adopted Chargers) but because the start of the NFL season means the NBA season is not far behind.  The NFL kickoff is to NBA opening night what Halloween is to Christmas.  Blink twice and that time will be gone.

This means a couple of things:

  1.  The dog days are officially passing.  With three weeks or so to go until training camp we're looking at those puppies' behinds.
  2.  You are officially able to start anticipating and salivating over the season now without having to use wistful tones and without people laughing at you.  We just changed over from "It's coming" to "It's coming soon".
--Dave (

P.S. San...Dee...Egg...Ohhh (w00t!) SUPAH CHARGERS!        

(The w00t makes it special.)