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Weekend Thoughts: The Likely List

Do you realize this is the last weekend before training camp starts?  And do you realize that this week we enter the month that officially begins the season?  We have almost made it through the long off-season!  (One of the main benefits of making the playoffs, especially with the ridiculously long first-round format they have now, is that the summer is a lot shorter.  Soon, my friends...soon.)

On this last weekend of the dog days of NBA summer I'd like to pull together any number of threads from our discussion into one conversation.  I'm going to list some things we've talked about this summer and I want you to tell me which you think are most likely.  Probably the easiest way is to make a list, putting your most likely to happen at the top and continuing down to the least likely.  It would be cool if you explained some of your reasoning too.

Place these in order from most likely to least in your estimation:

--Sergio Rodriguez becomes a regular in the rotation (either starting or as the primary back-up)
--Greg Oden becomes a hall-of-famer
--Lamarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy make the same all-star team (main squad)
--Taurean Green wins 3-4 games in the closing minutes (copyright Nate McMillan)
--Jarrett Jack is traded
--The Blazers sign a famous name as a free agent
--Travis Outlaw averages 16+ ppg in a season
--Joel Przybilla regains his form of a couple seasons ago
--Martell becomes a starter
--Channing Frye re-signs with the Blazers once his current deal is up
--Paul Allen moves the team
--The Blazers win a championship

Happy listing!

--Dave (

P.S. You are also free to discuss your most likely in non-list form if listing them all is too much work.