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Friday Tribune

Kerry Eggers comes through with a marvelous article this morning with the aid of one Kevin Pritchard.  It's absolutely worth a read.

Also Dwight Jaynes weighs in on the logo/school issue.  I realize that the small bit of controversy is what's fueling the latter story but I hope we all remember a couple things:

  1.  The bigger story is that the Blazers are donating the floors.  YES!  That is exactly what they should be doing.
  2.  I hope the no-logo folks remember that for years I stared at a Pepsi machine every day, at least twice a day, when I went to high school.  And college.  Also I drank name-branded orange juice out of little containers there.  Also they sold world-famous candy bars and chips.  Their logos were all over that lunch room.  It didn't hurt me a bit.  I still don't like Pepsi that much.  I think I'd object to the " Chalkboard" and perfume inserts in every third page of the math book but this doesn't meet those criteria.
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