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The Oregonian has a couple pieces on the Blazers today.  Joe Freeman has this piece discussing the Comcast/Dish situation which pretty much re-frames what we already know.  Lisa Grace Lednicer has an article discussing the Blazers' offer to provide basketball courts for ten local area high schools.  It's a great gesture and exactly the kind of thing the team should be doing.  There are some quibbles from the school side about whether having the Blazers' logo on the courts sets a bad precedent for future corporate sponsorships.  I don't think that issue will be too hard to resolve.  However as someone who's followed the team for a long time I can remember the day when that symbol was embraced, and in a sense owned, by the entire community.  Many places would have been proud to display it.  It kind of makes me sad that it's considered one of many "corporate logos" now.  That's at least partly a function of the way the team has defined itself and is something they need to work hard to reverse.  Hopefully donations like this will begin that process.

--Dave (