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It's Nike's Fault

John over at has come up with an Oden injury theory that pins the blame squarely on Nike.  Whether or not you subscribe to the theory it's a very good read.  Excellent in fact.

It also gives me a chance to remind you that we are in our last week of accepting items for the Blazersedge Bad Juju Burn Barrel.  The response so far has been tremendous.  If you'd like to add a letter or item to be reduced to ashes in the name of dispelling any lingering malaise that might be infecting the team send them to:

Blazersedge Curse Removal Department
PO Box 125
Genesee, ID 83832

Also this is your last week to sign up for the Blazersedge Night at the Garden against Memphis on November 9th and/or to send in checks for tickets so that kids in need can go.  Contact NateRocks4u at Yahoo dot com for ticket details for yourself or e-mail me at the address right below to find out how to send a kid to the game.

--Dave (