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Tribune Scores

Dwight Jaynes has some great perspective about the Greg Oden situation in his column today.  He talks about the speculation that Oden was damaged goods, the comparison to Bowie, and the ins and outs of microfracture recovery, including Darius Miles' progress.  I know a lot of people are up and down on Dwight but why is it that when he speaks on matters like this I feel like I trust him more than just about any other sportswriter in the city?  Must be the mileage...

Following up, Kerry Eggers had a long talk with Sam Bowie.  It's a great read.  Here's the money quote from Sam:

"The people throughout Oregon have to realize something," Bowie says. "Had the Blazers known Greg Oden was going to miss this entire year, they still would have taken him. This is a kid who should have an all-time great career. It's just going to start a year later."

Yeah, what he said.

Fantastic stuff from the Trib.  Check it out.

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