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Scholarship Update (PLEASE READ)

Our Thursday Guest Blogger has an entry right below but I wanted to leave this post at the top of the page today.  When Harry reads it I'm sure he'll understand.

Yesterday afternoon I posted that one of our kind readers offered an extra ticket for Blazersedge Night at the Garden on Nov. 9th against the Grizzlies.  We asked if there were any starving students or other folks who could really use a free ticket who otherwise wouldn't be able to go.

Five minutes later I got an e-mail from Dan, a faithful (and very quick) reader.  He said, "Dave, my job involves working with high school kids who would never in a million years be able to go to a game.  If you still have the ticket I'd like to give it to one of them."  That sounded perfect to me.  The ticket is his.  But a couple things struck me:

--Dan said he works with kids (plural).

--It would have to be pretty intimidating for a high school guy or gal to attend a Blazer game alone with nobody they parent, no friend, among a bunch of strangers.

So I told Dan to hold on a minute and I'm putting this question to all of you.  Is there anyone else out there--either someone who is going to the game or someone who already has other tickets or is out of town and can't go--who would be willing to buy an extra ticket for a kid that night?  I know the Blazers do giveaways with their unsold tickets but there aren't going to be as many of those this year and besides they can't hit everybody.  I'm not expecting miracles like sending 10 or 20 of Dan's kids but I thought maybe we could send two or three at least?  This would be a perfect way to show what this community is about...a way to give back and help promote Blazer fandom among a new generation.

One seat costs $31.  If you would like to help one of the kids go just e-mail me.  I'll collect the proceeds and arrange it with Nate, who is organizing our night.  Lets see what we can do.

--Dave (