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Wednesday Guest Blogger

We resume our guest blogging week with none other than our resident voice of experience and occasional conscience, Jorga.  She contributes the following:

A storm of questions

Awhile back in a discussion, the Blazers were referred to as a product that management is selling and we are consuming. There was no objection to this (or if there was, it was so mild I've forgotten it.) Is there a difference between this product and others?

I used to tell my kids I wouldn't buy them anything bearing the name of a product; I wasn't about to give something free advertising. But is there a difference between wearing a shirt that says "Trail Blazers" and one saying "Harley-Davidson"? Was I being hypocritical when I bought them Blazer stuff or is buying something in support of a team different?

I scrawled "Go Blazers" in the sand at the beach Saturday. Was that just inappropriate graffiti? What if I had written "Drink Pepsi Light"? Is one less offensive than the other?

How far do you go? Do you buy Blazer gear? When/where do you wear it? I remember someone saying that replica jerseys aren't appropriate for everyone (maybe only for kids?) Is it "anything goes" in the arena, but be more reserved elsewhere? Do you have other Blazer themed merchandise that you use in public? I bought a license plate holder several months ago, but it was smaller than the alumni one my cars have worn for years, and I ended up taking it off because it covered up most of the expiration numbers and I wasn't sure it was legal.

Do you have some PR suggestions for the Blazers - merchandise you might buy or promotions you'd like to see? We had a thread like this a year or so ago, but I find searching the blog awkward and couldn't find it without devoting a half day to the quest. One of my suggestions at the time was a DVD on "How to watch the Blazers". Just basic basketball stuff would do for those of us who don't know it all (and to introduce kids to the Blazers), but it would really be cool if it showcased some of the talents of the players - everyone talks about Trout's athleticism - show us with some clips. Let us see again Brandon working his way through traffic or some Sergio initiated alley oops or Aldridge blocks. Make it instructional but fun. I had many more suggestions, but now it's your turn...

Thanks to Jorga.  Tune in tomorrow and all through the weekend for more guest bloggers.

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