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Chargers Win!

I know this isn't a Bolts blog (Can I call them by a cheesy casual nickname when I've been a fan for less than 13 months?) but I couldn't help noticing yesterday that THE CHARGERS WON!  WOOHOO!  And with defense!  Always a great sign if you want to be a contender.  Offense comes and goes.  Defense is forever.

Anyway this kind of relates because I realized when I was watching the game and especially after they had won that it's really enjoyable in some ways just to be a fan without thinking too much.  I mean, what I know about football would barely fill a thimble.  I can usually tell what a play should look like and when something goes wrong but that's about it.  But it's nice not to worry and just to enjoy the game (and in this case winning).  I am fully free to be ignorant and think this is a great sign and maybe they'll go very deep and this could be a huge season.  It's a nice contrast to my semi-neurotic, wholly-obsessive daily processing of everything the Blazers do...or don't do...or might do...or should have done.  Of course that processing is completely appropriate for your first love sports-wise, but having a second one that's not quite so full of gravitas is highly recommended.  It's like gooey, sticky candy instead of bran muffins.

One down, fifteen more to go!!!

--Dave (