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Announcing the First Ever Blazersedge Portland Get-Together

This is the official announcement of our Blazersedge get-together game for this fall.

--The date will be November 9th versus Memphis.  (Why?  Because I'm part of a panel at a writer's conference that weekend and that's the last vacation weekend I can take until next year.  The 10th was a possibility but I don't know about the conference hours yet so I figured I'd play it safe.)

--The seats will be Orange section, which should be the lower part of the upper bowl.  We wanted to keep the price reasonable.  The cost will be $31 per ticket.  If at least 100 people sign up there will be a $5 rebate on each ticket refunded the night of the game.

--Like the site, the event is absolutely open to spouses, children, grandchildren, and anyone else you want to bring.  It's all about the Blazersedge family (and extended family) getting together to watch a game.

--If the response is good enough early enough we might plan a less formal get-together before or after the game at a local place.  If that's something you want the best way to achieve it is to order your tickets early.

--If the response is good enough overall we'll do this again in the spring in case anybody has to miss.

Here's what you need to do to order tickets...

Send the following information:

Your Real Name
Your Screen Name
# of tickets you're ordering

via e-mail to:

naterocks4u at yahoo dot com (replace the "at" and "dot" with the symbols).  

Nate will instruct you from there. He can take checks via mail or PayPal payments.  He's volunteering his time so be nice to him.

PLEASE if you plan to attend order EARLY!  The Blazers can save us a certain number of seats but they have to sell the remainder.  If a few people order really late we can probably squeeze them in but if only 10 people order in August and 90 order in October those 90 aren't going to have anywhere to sit.

I hope you can join us for this great event and meet your fellow Blazersedge readers!

--Dave (