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Poll of the Day: Cult Favorites

The history of the Trailblazers is strewn with cult favorites:  guys who never made the 50 Greatest Players of All Time roster and might not be remembered that much by people other than Blazer fans but who hold a special place in our hearts.  You could go all the way back to Adelman and Petrie in our first seasons through to perhaps Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster for some today.  The names in between there would fill an entire page.

So who is your favorite "cult favorite" and why?

Mine, I'm sure, is going to be a popular choice.  I could never get enough of Arvydas Sabonis.  The way that big lug passed made my toes curl.  He was like having Sergio on the floor.  Plus his offense, though seldom stylish, was effective like a dump truck stealing parking spaces from Volkswagen Beetles.  The team wasn't the same to me after he left.

So who's yours?

--Dave (