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Graphic Material

Truehoop informs us this morning that our good friend Tom Ziller at Sactown Royalty (you can reach both those sites via links in the case you didn't know they were there) has come up with a graphic depiction of several NBA stats.  It's on the "other" site he writes for, the infamous Bizzallhizzype...werd.

See it here

Ziller's work is impressive, though his analysis, especially as regards the Blazers, is open to debate.  As with most statistical comparisons it's strong on talking about the past and less adequate when talking about the future, especially where a rapidly-evolving squad like the Blazers is concerned.  Also he described Greg Oden as "plodding" which clearly ain't so.  But he does do a good job highlighting how bad the team's offense has been.  True dat.

Give it a look and come back and leave your impressions.

--Dave (