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We've been doing a pretty good job of playing backseat driver to Kevin Pritchard so far this summer.  Let's change up a little bit today and put on our Coach McMillan hat.

Here is the Blazer roster as it stands now:

Lamarcus Aldridge
Steve Blake
Channing Frye
Taurean Green
Jarrett Jack
James Jones
Raef LaFrentz
Josh McRoberts
Darius Miles
Greg Oden
Travis Outlaw
Joel Przybilla
Sergio Rodriguez
Brandon Roy
Martell Webster

Let's make a couple assumptions:

A.  Other than Rudy Fernandez and a first-rounder coming in next year and taking the slots of whichever two players you like least on that list the roster is going to remain basically unchanged for the next couple seasons, at least as far as major moves.

B.  We're going to want to actually win at some point in the next two years.

C.  Despite everybody seeing potential in everybody on the roster winning teams usually have a regular rotation of nine or so players (unless you're Hubie Brown).  You may love 'em all but you can't play 'em all.

Given those assumptions:

  1.  Give me your 8-9 man rotation at the start of the season.  Who plays where?  Who starts, who comes off the bench, and who are you going to leave sitting, waiting for mop-up minutes?
  2.  If you see the rotation evolving significantly either later this season or by next season tell me who, how, and why.
--Dave (