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What Does It Mean?

Over the weekend I was thinking about the possibility of the Blazers getting good again...good winning percentage, making the playoffs, that kind of thing.  I thought how enjoyable it would be.  But then I thought how it's also pretty enjoyable now.  If and when they win will it be more enjoyable, enjoyable in a different way, or what? I know there will be a smile on my face, but why?

So that got my brain spinning and I decided I wanted to ask this question:

What will it mean to you if the Blazers get really good, go deep in the playoffs, or (dare to dream) win a championship?  Why does winning matter?  Does it change things?  If so, what things and how?  If a banner gets hoisted in the rafters, does that improve the quality of your fandom?

(Note one of the key aspects of the question is the "to you" part. This is a personal experience topic as much as anything. There are no right or wrong answers so ponder away.)

--Dave (