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Ode to the Dog Days

To help get us through the tail end of summer Blazersedge Poet Laureate Dr. Dave has checked in with his latest offering.  Enjoy!

                                             Sargasso Summer

                              Give wind and tide a chance to change.
                                                                                     Richard E. Byrd

Like sailors on a cyber sea
Our gaze more fore than aft
Hearts affixed on distant port
And mem'ries in our draft.

Wind and current - two good friends
Keep hands and minds a flurry
Hoist the mainsail! Lash those lines!
In frenzied times we scurry.

But August brings the sailor's bane:
An eerie stillness s'rounds ye
As in The Doldrums find we now
 . . .the dread Sargasso Sea.

"Dead in the water!"  Aye, lament
As wind and waves lie down.
Boredom, strife . . . insanity
and mate on mate abounds.

Seaweed . . . stench. No fish in sight
The water's runnin' low
We're all a wishin' oars we had
At least then, we could row. . .

                  * * *

Ahoy ye mates! A sign I spy!
Look up - atop the mast!
The flag's a flickerin'. Can it be. . .
September's breath at last?

It won't be long a'til we depart
This curs-ed, wretched sea
Then. . .open water, billowed sail . . .
I'll drink a toast to thee.