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The Official Lance Uppercut Appreciation Day

Officially speaking tomorrow (Wednesday) marks my one year anniversary at Blazersedge.  (If you want to mark the occasion by reading my first official post you can click here.)  Those who know the history of Dave as a blogger and of this site know that I did not found it.  That credit goes to one Lance Uppercut, blogger extraordinaire.  He's the guy who said to me a little over a year ago, "Hey Dave...I have to ride off into the sunset.  Will you take the site over?"  We're now 364 days and 1069 posts (including this one) into that charge and it seems appropriate on this near-momentous occasion to take a moment and acknowledge our Great, Never-To-Be-Replaced, Forefather.  

Alas we never discovered where the Great One went.  There's a guy whom people say resembles him working elsewhere but he seems too straight-laced to me.  I personally refuse to believe the rumors.

                                         Have you seen me?

In any case, on this Lance Uppercut Appreciation day we should all raise a glass to our Founder.  You can also tell any of the numerous Lance Uppercut stories you remember.  There are many about this legendary blogging figure, most all of them true.  In his honor, I will start.

I heard that Lance Uppercut once won a dunk contest with the treacherously difficult two-basketballs-at-once windmill dunk...depositing one ball in each hoop at opposite ends of the court.

I also know for a fact that while covering the Blazers in Vegas Lance Uppercut won a poker tournament with one hand while simultaneously diddling six showgirls on his knee and signing autographs for legions of adoring fans with his off hand.

Feel free to add your own and bolster the ever-growing legend.

--Dave (