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Favorite Blazer

After such a complex question like trying to figure out expectations for Travis Outlaw, let's go with a simple one.  Who is/are your favorite Blazer(s) on the current team?  You can name as many or few as you want...your one most favorite or the entire roster listed in order.  The only request I have is that no matter how many you list you do place them in some kind of order from most favorite to least, just to make it interesting.  It'll get awfully boring just reading the same amorphous, "I like Brandon, Lamarcus, and Greg" comment over and over again.  At least give them in order and tell us why.

As for me, I'm afraid I am a bog standard Blazer fan at this point.  My three favorites are indeed Roy, Aldridge, and Oden in that exact order.  I love Roy's game and everything he says and does.  I love that he's a team player...a subtlety that might be lost by fans elsewhere who only look at stats.  He makes my Blazer fan toes curl and he has to be my favorite.  I already loved Lamarcus but I fell harder when I saw him in Summer League and how far he had progressed in confidence if nothing else.  I like Oden plenty from what I saw and I think he may eventually climb to the top of the list.  In the meantime his down-to-earth attitude easily secures him the third spot.

Who are yours?

--Dave (