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The Information Age

Here's a little side topic that popped to mind while reading other people's blogs early this morning...

I don't mean to be smarmy, but we really are privileged nowadays to have great information/discussion/community sources covering the team.  I remember 10 years ago if the Oregonian didn't run a feature on the Blazers or the NBA during the summer you were out of luck...and the Oregonian didn't cover basketball much during the summer.  Now between your O-Lives and Truehoops you've got discussion, stimulation, and maybe new information, at your fingertips every single day.  Whatever you think of it, you have to admit the transformation has been amazing.

So how has the presence of NBA blogs changed your life and your fandom?  Has it changed the team or the NBA in any way?  What would be different if, say, a massive virus swept through every Blazer/NBA blog in existence and wiped them off the face of the earth, crippling bloggers' typing fingers in the process?  How much would it really matter?  Are there any downsides to having that much info and discussion?

Interested in your thoughts...

--Dave (