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All The Reasons

Here are all the things you're looking forward to in the coming season, as listed in yesterday's post.  Sixty-two is pretty good for one day's work but I'm going to leave this up over the weekend.  I bet if we bust it up over 100 separate reasons might come calling and ask to borrow, or at least link to, our list.  Think we have it in us?  (Real reasons only though...don't just make stuff up to expand the list.)

Oh, and it's officially OK to list more than one reason now or to list more if you just left one yesterday.  Just add them in the comment section of this post and I'll copy them into post as the weekend progresses.

  1.  The first fast break dunk.
  2.  The first time Greg Oden posterizes Shaq.
  3.  Brandon Roy proving that he's at or near the star level.
  4.  The battle for starting positions and playing time.
  5.  Lamarcus dropping 25 and 10 on Z-Bo and the Knicks.
  6.  The team chemistry coming together into a nice gel.
  7.  Brandon Roy's first career triple-double.
  8.  Any of the big guys getting a huge block.
  9.  ALL of the big guys getting blocks in the same game.
  10. An Oden block that leads to a fast break opportunity.
  11. A Blazer hustling back on an opponent's fast break and breaking it up.
  12. The applause and excitement of a rejuvenated crowd.
  13.  Oden getting 20 and 10.
  14.  Travis scoring 20+ in a win.
  15.  A free-flowing, beautiful offense.
  16.  Portland being somewhere in the race for the last playoff spots.
  17.  The Blazers shooting 10 more free throws than the opponent plus getting 5 blocks.
  18.  Darius coming back in some capacity.
  19.  The Blazers not being doormats anymore.
  20.  Watching Oden and Aldridge team up on defense and offense.
  21.  Brandon Roy's first buzzer-beating three of the new season.
  22.  Brandon Roy's game-winner on national TV.
  23.  Martell going off.
  24.  Oden breaking a backboard maniacally and then apologizing sheepishly.
  25.  The first career game by one of those lesser-known acquisitions which will make people praise KP even more.
  26.  Oden winning the season's first jump ball against Tim Duncan.
  27.  Just the season starting period!
  28.  The return of the hard-nosed, solid-D Joel Przybilla.
  29.  Just one well-executed outlet pass.
  30.  The Rose Garden returning to the most home-court advantage joint in all of sports.
  31.  Greg Oden ripping a rebound away from Joakim Noah in the United Center.
  32.  Tony Parker streaking past Jarrett Jack into the lane just like last year then getting smothered by Oden.
  33.  Massacring the Sonics on Christmas as Oden swats Durant into oblivion.
  34.  Oden winning the Rookie of the Year.
  35.  Oden with an offensive game of 30+.
  36.  Just seeing Jarrett Jack's booty.  (?)  (I didn't know Jarrett had an account here.)
  37.  Seeing some nationally televised Blazer highlights for a change.
  38.  Aldridge going off all over the place.
  39.  Seeing the Rose Garden full.
  40.  Even the first pre-season game!
  41.  The Blazers showing some nasty competitive fire.
  42.  Finally seeing a consistent fast-breaking team in red and black.
  43.  Seeing the front line get a three-handed block on a Kobe buzzer-beater.
  44.  Seeing how much we've grown in late March.
  45.  Seeing a textbook pick and roll.
  46.  One of our bigs hammering an opposing driver to the floor.
  47.  The snazzy wardrobe bling that will hopefully surround the new Blazers (warm-ups and such).
  48.  Oden swatting the heck out of Dikembe Mutumbo and then waving "the finger" (like Deke).
  49.  Any win over the Spurs, Mavs, or Suns.
  50.  Hearing Rock and Roll Part 2 for the first time when it matters.
  51.  (cough)  Blazer Dancer Ione's wardrobe malfunction during team intros.
  52.  A clean sweep of the Lakers.
  53.  A new-era Blazer getting a 6-story picture on a downtown building like Jerome Kersey used to have.
  54.  Watching our speedy guards on the break.
  55.  Oden leading the fast break (like Shaq used to do?) for a dunk.
  56.  Sergio (eventually to Rudy Fernandez but for this year to anybody) for an alley-oop.
  57.  Portland fans STANDING every once in a while!
  58.  Meaningful games in April.
  59.  Just one playoff win.
  60.  Nate not having to call a timeout within the first 4 minutes of the second half.
  61.  Just watching them play when I haven't been able to for years.
  62.  Zero arrests/convictions/bad headlines/drug stories/etc.
  63.  Brandon Roy crossing over Bowen on opening night and then scoring on Duncan.
  64.  A new Blazer SONG coming out!
  65.  McRoberts Mcpassing to Oden for a big McDunk.
  66.  Seeing a clear starting small forward and point guard emerge from the pack.
  67.  The Twin Towers getting double-digit rebounds together.
  68.  Greg, Lamarcus, or both getting a 20-20 game.
  69.  Brandon Roy getting some respect on calls near the end of the game.
  70.  Maybe going a whole season without significant injuries.
  71.  Jarrett and Martell playing better and smiling.
  72.  Channing Frye making Pritchard look like a genius and Isiah Thomas look like a fool.
  73.  Travis Outlaw rewarding the team's patience with consistent play.
  74.  Seeing somebody hit an open three.
  75.  Seeing KP's first full year as GM.
  76.  Watching Roy and Aldridge versus Oden in the rookie/sophomore game.
  77.  Seeing Channing Frye swat Zach Randolph.
  78.  Watching anyone steal the ball from Steve Francis.
  79.  Seeing Lamarcus outplay Rasheed Wallace in the Rose Garden.
  80.  Watching Oden outmuscle Yao in the post.
  81.  Seeing Brandon Roy dropping 50 on Hibachi without strutting like a rooster.
  82.  Or watching our backcourt shut out Agent Zero in Portland, either one.
  83.  Simple: Aldridge, high post, to Oden...ALLEY-OOP SLAAAAAAM!
  84.  Finally having Nate have something to smile about...then seeing if he does it.
  85.  The first Roy-to-Aldridge assist of the season.
  86.  Oden blocks to Blake who whips it to Aldridge...throwdown...BOOOOOM CHAKALAKA!
  87.  The first time Greg Oden is introduced to the crowd. (chills)
  88.  A whole summer of anticipation coming out as the Blazers are introed on opening night.
  89.  Seeing a team that works hard on BOTH ends.
  90.  Watching five guys get back on D instead of four.
  91.  Seeing the relationship between players and other players (plus fans) grow.
  92.  Watching Brandon and LMA become real leaders on and off the court.
  93.  Clicking onto and seeing some totally unexpected wins.
  94.  Big smiles on MAX after the game!
  95.  Having more people interested in attending a Blazer game party at the pad than the Superbowl party.
  96.  Seeing homemade Rip City signs in cars across Oregon.
  97.  Kids telling stories about Blazer players attending lunch at their school.
  98.  Those same kids memorizing lyrics to our new Blazer songs.
  99.  Martell getting fierce and angry (at somebody besides himself).
  100.  John Canzano getting the "bandwagon" treatment because of all the positive articles.
  102.  The Blazers Big Three outworking the more heralded Celtics Big Three.
  103.  Greg Oden responding to the Durant question with a 20, 15, 10 triple-double.
  104.  Watching a Blazer dunk all over Yi Jianlian.
  105.  Blazersedge continuing to blow up all over the place.
  106.  A ton of people sporting Blazer gear all over the town!
  107.  Seeing the Blazers play on Christmas Day.
  108.  Seeing more international coverage.

    And I can't believe it took us until reason 108 to see this...

  109.  Beating the Lakers and watching them mope!!!

--Dave (