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Storylines of Summer League

After a few days and a couple games I'm ready to call the Summer League storylines.  Everybody is going to focus on Oden as the big one but don't worry about that.  What happens during these 10 days won't be indicative of what kind of player he'll become and won't even be a minor blip in the memory of his career.  Those who look beyond G.O. will point to Lamarcus, and that is a big one.  He looks ready to explode on the scene next year.  But there's no real tension in that:  he's good and he's going to be good.  (As you might expect from the second overall pick of last year's draft.)  Forget those for now.  Here's the real drama in the next few weeks.

1.  What is going to happen with Martell?

Between the interesting season he had last year and James Jones (and Ime and Travis and maybe Channing Frye) coming in it's all but written on the walls here.  This is Martell's time to show he belongs on this team.  He needs consistency, scoring, rebounding, energy, and interest.  If he doesn't start showing those things I think (and this is just personal opinion) that you can start questioning his future with the team.

2.  Will Joel Freeland make the team?

I'm not talking about making the team in general, I mean making it this year.  He's showing a lot of promise.  The Blazers were also disappointed last year over his playing time (or lack thereof) in Europe.  If you're going to carry a 14th or 15th man a big guy is not a bad option.  Overseas players who excel in Summer League often wilt if left on the vine too long.  One always wonders if things could have been different had they been brought up sooner.  Maybe he goes back for another year.  On the other hand if he impresses in the next three games might there be a chance?

3. Can Taurean Green make it?

The guy is the classic Summer League impressive standout.  He's a little short...a second rounder...but he's hustling his rear off and doing a thousand things to stand out from the crowd.  He's everything you root for and shows real Pritchardosity.  It's not out of the question that a guy like this could be retained in this new regime.  When the week started it was a long shot.  It may not be that long anymore...