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You Want Fryes with that Mac?

Some reflections from Nate McMillan after the game.  These are paraphrased rather than directly quoted.

On Martell:  He wants to see what Martell can do.  It's his third year and Nate wants to see some consistency.  Also at issue:  whether he's a shooter or a scorer and whether he's a two or a three.  This is his opportunity and Nate wants to see him step up.

On the Game Today:  There was improvement.  We looked like NBA players.  We competed harder.

On Oden:  Greg neds to have fun.  There are too many expectations.  He's 19 and he needs to relax.

On Lamarcus:  He's working on things the coaching staff wants to see:  going to the basket instead of settling for jumpers (which they know he can hit), playing in the paint, drawing free throws.  He's playing good defense.

On Sergio:  He competed but he committed six turnovers.  We had 23 for the game.  You just can't do that and it's on the guards.  Sergio is speeding up under pressure.  He needs to make the A-B pass instead of threading the needle and trying to make the A-C pass.  These are NBA players and they've seen that pass before.

On Taurean Green:  We need to wait and see.

Also I had a chance to chat with Channing Frye and I welcomed him to Portland with some nice, softball questions.  

On How He Felt Being in Portland:  "Extremely ecstatic."  (As a writer I love the alliteration. Points for that young man!) "It's a place where I can fit in and hopefully blossom."

On Where He Fits In and What Position:  "I can play anywhere they want...four, five, whatever.  I'm glad to be on a team with such great players.  I look forward to fitting in with them."

On What He Brings to Portland:  "I bring everything...a little personality, a little leadership, a little shooting, a little defense.  I'm a buffet of goodness."

That last quote (and it is direct, word-for-word) is destined to become a classic.  Frye seemed very personable and obviously funny.  Hopefully he'll become the kind of quote machine this team needs.