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First Quarter Update

Well, as a team we're not doing so hot, but that doesn't matter so much.

I'm going to have a comprehensive take on the major players after the game and I won't do it piecemeal now.  But I have noticed:

--Lamarcus is looking awesome on both ends of the court.  He's bulked up and he's still really quick. He's also acting like a floor captain.

--Sergio and Martell not so hot so far.

--Oden is doing some nice things despite three (well-deserved) fouls.  More on that after the game but don't be discouraged by his lack of production yet.

--Joel Freeland looks bigger and had a CRAZY block of a Boston dunk.  It brought the crowd to delirium more than anything else in the quarter except the buzzer-beater that Boston hit.

More at the half.


P.S. We're losing in part because everybody but LMA and Oden is getting outrun. Also our perimeter defense....yeeesh.