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Blazersedge is taking a one-day holiday hiatus for some family time.  (Unless something breaks that we all need to know about.)  Happy fourth to all!

In the meantime you can contemplate how much a decent name-level free agent goes for nowadays with Rashard Lewis reportedly agreeing to $15 million a year and Chauncey Billups $12 million.  Anyone think the mid-level exception would buy anybody you know?  (Not that we'd want to use it anyway.)  I must say that I wouldn't have minded Lewis in Portland but $15 million a year?  No thanks.  That's just sick.  Are either of those guys worth it?

If all that gets tiring you can debate the fate of one Darko Milicic, whom Orlando had to waive to make room for Lewis' enormous financial appetite.  Where is his next stop? And will the authors of have to change their site name to

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