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Tuesday Tribune

The Trib has its usual Tuesday Blazer coverage today.  Dwight Jaynes has a very complimentary column covering Zach and Oden.

Kerry Eggers has one of the best articles ever covering a ton of factual information regarding the recent past and future.  This is must read stuff.  There are too many tidbits to mention but he hints that Ime might not be with the team come fall, gives details on the Jones deal and the Zach offers, and most importantly of all tells us that SpongeBob Squarepants is among Greg Oden's favorite shows.  That young man just went up in my estimation a hundredfold.  Second to Blazers/Blazersedge t-shirts the largest collection in my shirt drawer by far is Spongebob.  Come on everybody!  Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Finally there's another Eggers article about the Blazers' semi-overwhelming Summer League team.  A reminder though, folks...who wins and loses in Summer League doesn't matter a bit.  If we lost nearly every game it wouldn't mean our players are bad.  Priorities are just different's more like an extended, intense scrimmage than a competition.  Sometimes you'll play guys who specifically don't give you the best chance of winning just to see them.  So don't get all fired up over wins and losses.  Just look for trends and skills.  

Oh...and that last Eggers article says Petteri Koponen's coach is urging him and the Blazers to make him a part of the NBA squad now, not later.

Fantastic stuff from the Tribune.  I am impressed.

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