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Radio Head

If you are of a certain generation then your earliest Blazer memories probably didn't start with event tickets or televised broadcasts, but with Bill Schonely's golden tones bringing you the games on the radio.  Back in the day the Coliseum was full and relatively few games were televised.  It just seemed natural to huddle around the radio, living and dying with every possession.

I will admit that I've always loved radio as a medium far more than television.  From music to sports to old-time dramas to talk shows I've just never been able to get enough of it.  There's something more intimate and relational about hearing someone convey meaning using just their voice instead of interpreting what you're already seeing, as with TV.  Some things just transcend the visual, if you know what I mean.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy watching games on television nowadays.  In fact being outside the broadcast area the dish is the only option I have for getting my Blazer fix.  But there are obviously plenty of you who still take in the game the old-fashioned way with Brian Wheeler and Antonio Harvey.  They still broadcast the games so somebody must be tuning in, right?  I am especially eager to hear from you in this post.

Here are three things I'd like to know:

  1.  If you do still listen to the radio broadcast, why?  What draws you to that particular medium when TV is so readily available?
  2.  What do you like best about listening to the game on the radio in general and about Wheels and Harvey in particular?
  3.  For those who don't still listen, sharing past experiences (Wheeler or Schonely) is fine here too.  This is sort of a general radio celebration thread with a tip of the hat to those who still follow that way, but sharing your warm, fuzzy past memories is also great.  What particular calls or situations do you remember?
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