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Sunday/Monday Question: One Change

We're taking a couple of days vacation to the coast.  I'm taking the laptop and I'll find some place to post over the next couple of days but it might not be as clockwork regular as usual.  Thus this Monday post written Sunday afternoon.

I was watching the MasterCard commercial about sports teams that talks about all the ups and downs of being a fan, including:  trades you would have made...a million.  That got me thinking.

Let's say you could unilaterally change one piece of Blazer history.  This could be a trade you'd take back, a different draft pick, a coaching move during a game, or even something that happened off the court in the front office or in public relations somehow.  The only guideline is that it has to be a reasonable change.  You can't invent people to draft who weren't available or make a trade that wasn't considered.  (i.e. No drafting Shaq and no trading Qyntel for Kobe...keep it realistic.)  Name one moment in all of Blazer history where you go, "We shouldn't have done that."

--Tell us the moment.
--Tell us what you'd change.
--Tell us what difference it would have made and how history would have changed. more thing.  To forestall all of the patently obvious "Jordan over Bowie and we win six championships" posts let's assume that one is so obvious as to be off limits.  Name something BESIDES that.

Enjoy!  I look forward to reading your responses.

--Dave (