some thoughts on the Suns-Sonics trade...

This will go down as one of the most lopsided deal ever in the history. No kidding! First, don't underestimate that 2010 first round pick from Suns:

They will have the option to decide to keep Nash or not before 2009-10 season. If they don't Suns will pretty much be a lottery team, even if they do, Nash will be 35 and they will still probably fall into the lottery. I would think the pick might has some kind of protection. But if not it'd be really scary to think what happened if it end up in the Top-10 pick or even higher...

Remember the notorious Eddie Curry deal between Bulls & Knicks? Bulls have obtained Tyrus Thomas & Joakim Noah from the Knicks' 1st round picks - one of the main reasons why Isiah Thomas has been the laughingstock of the league for past several years.

However at least that trade became semi-justifiable for the Knicks side as Eddy Curry finally turned into a decent big man last season and probably still have some room to grow. Suns' trade is even worse - what do they get in this trade? Well, a second round pick... No, I am sorry... it's a CONDITIONAL second round pick!!!

Not to mention Suns also send out the 2008 first round pick AND Thomas' contract will EXPIRE after 2007-08 season.

Of course there's a trade exception but given how cheap their owner is I doubt it will ever be used. Oh do

I feel sorry for the Suns, they just got fleeced by Sam Presti in the Sonics, which will be a very scary force to contend with in 3-5 years. The revival of I-5 rivalry looks unavoidable...if, of couse, they still stay in Seattle when the time comes.