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Question of the Day #2

There's quite a lot of chatter going on in the diaries about our small forward position.  An interesting discussion started in Ssa400's "Blazer Highlights" diary that I wanted to bring to the main page.

Let's say for whatever reason--roster spots (and remember it's not just how many you can fit but how many you can actually play) or salary or whatever--we decide we can only keep one of our small forwards up for re-signing, Travis Outlaw or Ime Udoka.  If you had KP's ear which one would you argue for and why?

Here was my response to get things rolling...

This is going to be unpopular and my little Blazer heart dislikes it also, but if forced to choose between the two (assuming that you don't assume either is a waste of space) I think you have to take Travis over Ime.  I love Udoka but he's 30, recovering from surgery, and probably won't be a key guy if/when you get good.  If you believe in Outlaw at all I don't think you can let him get away when he's still relatively cheap.

However I will admit some suspicion over Travis:

  1.  His best moments always seem to come at the end of the season, which in the last few years has meant when the games are pretty meaningless.  Whenever he's been put in a prime-time position of responsibility he's been pulled from it fairly quickly.
  2.  His best moments of all came at the end of his contract season, which is usually a sign that we need some serious caveat emptoring.
  3.  His best moments also came when he did nothing but shoot the ball.  He didn't just have a green light, he had a bulldozer and a police escort out in front of him clearing the way.  That isn't going to be the case if our team's going to get any good.
If you believe that any of these are fatal flaws then you don't re-sign him.  Otherwise I think he has to be taken over Ime.

Agree?  Disagree?  Other views?  Which one would you keep and why? Register your thoughts below.

--Dave (