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Question of the Day #1

I must admit I'm having kind of a post-draft hangover.  It's a really pleasant one however.  Every morning when I wake up I have to pinch myself because we've got what most people consider a franchise center!  I know some, doing an Oden/Treebeard impression, will say, "Hoom-hom, let's not be hasty!" but still, you've got to admit this is a pretty good situation to be in.  So you can forgive a long-time Blazer fan if four days later I'm STILL a little giddy.

That leads me to the first question for today:

What do you expect out of young Mr. Oden this year?  I don't want championship predictions or hall-of-fame votes down the road, I'm talking about 2007-08 only.  What kind of effect will he have on the court?  How about statistically?  Will he be Rookie of the Year?  What will he need to learn/develop to make this year a success?

Fill up the old comment basket with your best shots at answers.

--Dave (