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First Shot at one of the Big Questions

As we roll into the middle part of the summer let's take a first shot at a question I'm sure we'll be repeating up until the end of training camp.

Assuming the roster stays the same as it is right now, who do you think will start at small forward:  Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster, James Jones, or someone else?

Right now my money is on Jones because we're playing youngsters at every other position (unless Blake starts, and still...) and Nate won't want to roll the dice completely at all five spots.  Plus both Martell and Travis have strong gifts offensively which might be better utilized in the second unit right now while the big scorers on the first unit find their way.  Both Martell and Travis have trouble concentrating when they don't score and they might not get a lot of shots with that first group.  So Jones is my early favorite.  He'll do what Ime did for the starting unit last year.

What's your call?

--Dave (