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Martellius Grow-Upicus

My wife and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight.  We've been following this whole thing pretty much from the beginning.  I have a soft spot in my heart for reasonably well told stories and I've been a huge fan of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series ever since I was a kid.  Potter is basically Narnia for a new generation with a little less depth and grace in writing, but it's close enough in spirit to be enjoyable.

Anyway, this movie wasn't the best in the world.  In fact it wasn't even the best in the series.  But it did strike me that while earlier movies had been carried by the adult actors, special effects, and Emma Watson as Hermione, this movie was very much carried by the child actors and actresses (now nearly grown up).  Daniel Radcliffe in particular turned in a masterful performance.  His scenes to this point have ranged from the non-descript to the nearly painful.  But for whatever reason--him growing up or the script doing a better job of featuring him--he just nailed it here.  He was with every actor in every scene line for line and expression for expression.

This observation made me think two things:

  1.  It really IS possible for youngsters to grow into their craft.  Obviously with the right chain of events it's even possible for them to register exponential growth within the space of a year.  This gives me some hope for Martell.  Maybe at some point it will just click for him.  We may not ever know why, but maybe one day he'll just nail it and be on his way.
  2.  I'm a really sick puppy if I can't even go to a Harry Potter movie without relating it to the Blazers somehow.
--Dave (