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(You can either take that title in the "shucks" way or the "warm and fuzzy" way, for different reasons.)

I just got the news that the dazzling and erudite Helen Jung is switching beats and will no longer cover the Blazers unless the team somehow becomes "breaking news". (Hopefully those days are over?)  Helen did a wonderful job on the financial sports beat and I'm sure you can agree was a person to whom we could turn with confidence.  Best of luck to Helen in her new endeavor but (sniff)...we'll miss her.

Let's hope the Oregonian doesn't send some jacked-up, phraseless typewriter jockey with a slack jaw and o'erweening cranium to replace her.  Ms. (alas now Mrs.) Jung leaves some big--and I'm sure devastatingly stylish--shoes to fill.

--Dave (

P.S. This also goes to show you folks that you really should take a chance and seize the day. You see, I was kinda hoping that Helen's next career move would be to the coveted Blazersedge T-Shirt Model position, but I never did get around to proposing the venture to her. Too late now. Carpe diem. Car-pe diem.

P.P.S. For those who have asked, I have already turned down Jason Quick half a dozen times for the post of t-shirt model. He's nice enough but something just ain't right there despite him obviously coveting the position.