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As BlazerBandit has so kindly pointed out the Behind the Beat blog is reporting that Travis Outlaw has been re-signed to a contract which his agent claims in in the realm of $4 million a year for three years.

My initial reactions:

--We got him at a pretty nice price.  If he does turn out to be good it's a real bargain.  If not it's short and inexpensive.  Also we'll be looking at the next contract for him AFTER our cap space evaporates, which is good.

--We were lucky that relatively few teams had cap space this year and none of those would be particularly interested in him.  Almost everybody, of course, has that $5 million-ish mid-level exception but when you start looking at spending 80% of it on one, unproven player you probably start thinking twice.  If T.O. got other offers they couldn't have been much more than he was offered here.

--Dave (