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Game Recap

This was an ugly game but that's not necessarily a bad thing against a team with quick backcourt players who want to put on an offensive display.  Our guards were getting baked, broiled, and fricaseed all night by DJ Strawberry and Alando Tucker.  Our big guys weren't able to compensate either.  Watching the defense was...painful.  However with the exception of a few minutes in the second and third quarters we did hustle in transition and scrap for loose balls much of the night.  We needed absolutely every bit of that scrappiness, plus a good offensive night from Taurean Green and a buzzer-beater by Petteri Koponen to eke out the win.

As has been our habit during Summer League we shot very well from the field.  Unlike other games we also rebounded well.  We passed the ball eagerly--almost too eagerly at times--and we attacked the hoop instead of settling for jumpers.  Again we had way too many turnovers (23) but hey, it was a win.

Brief individual notes:

--Sergio had a nice game overall:  8 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists.  When he did stay in front of the Phoenix guards they had a hard time scoring.  But jeepers...that didn't happen that often.  Sergio had a couple of impressive shots and REALLY hustled in transition though.  Then again he committed 5 turnovers.  This was probably his best game of the summer.

--Martell got aggressive driving the ball when his shot wasn't falling which was great to see.  He dunked with, as Steve Jones would say, mean intentions.  He also rebounded the heck out of the ball.  Nice game.  But there will never, ever be a Sergio-Martell pairing in the backcourt even in the second unit.  Too porous.

--Josh McRoberts had another great game dunking and passing and rebounding too.  He'll become a fan favorite if he sticks.  He has some nice hops for a guy his size.

--Taurean Green was all about clutch shots tonight...from long range too.  He saved the game for us.  This might be one of the games that helps his cause for a roster spot.

--You have to mention Zendon Hamilton's 16 points.  He's getting deep and receiving passes.

--Stefano Mancinelli had a coming out party.  Good passing, good shooting, 3-for-5 from 3-point land.  He got baked on defense also, but still...we know more about him now than before!

--Petteri Koponen had a nice game running the point for the few minutes he was in.  He wasn't fantastic but he didn't screw up.

--Joel Freeland played less than 10 minutes and he looked hobbled and slow.  He looks hurt.  He's having back issues.

Last game tomorrow versus Seattle and Durant.  We just saw Lamarcus walk by and he was limping a little (not horribly but you could tell) so he's almost certainly not going to play.

Enjoy the evening!